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FSP Group U.S.A. Corporation is a North America regional subsidiary of FSP Technology Inc., Taiwan. Located in Chino, California, FSP Group U.S.A. Corp. provides one-stop access to all of FSP Group products and services. This regional sales and marketing office provides FSP Technology, Inc. factory-direct products and services benefiting all North America resellers and distributors. FSP Group U.S.A. Corp. delivers pure, clean-power design products with exceptional value and superior quality and, most importantly, highly rated customer service from our factory-trained staff to deliver a most satisfying experience that is worthy of a legend.

About FSP Group:

FSP Group is one of the world’s top 10 power supply manufacturers. Since the company was established in 1993, our outstanding management team has drawn together our R&D expertise, sizeable production capacity, and outstanding product quality to consistently excel in this competitive marketplace. FSP group is a publicly traded company listed in the Taiwan Stock Exchange, symbol: 30.15.TW, with revenues exceeding 600 million USD. FSP Group provides OEM/ODM power conversion products and services to the majority of well established manufacturers and is the leading volume supplier of desktop PC ATX power supplies. 

In recent years, FSP Group has expanded its R&D and manufacturing capabilities to become one of the major power conversion supplier offering power adapters, industrial PCs, servers, LCD/LED monitors, LCD/LED TVs, heavy duty industrial products, portable battery chargers, and uninterrupted power supplies (UPS), as well as providing off-the-shelf consumer products, partnering with a number of strategic manufacturers.

Company Motto: 

FSP Group’s commitment to service, professionalism and innovation has enabled us to grow steadily over the years and become one of the world’s best-known power supply manufacturers.



FSP Group’s quality and work procedures are based on ISO international standards. FSP Group has already attained ISO 9001 and 14001 certification. To ensure that our products conform to safety, health, and environmental requirements as well as international safety standard certifications, we set up our own safety standard testing center. Our safety standard certification has passed UL, CTDP certification, CSA, TUV, NEMKO (witness Test). Testing the products ourselves saves time and money as compared with the usual procedure of shipping the products to an outside testing center, and gives us a lead over our competitors in the marketplace.


Dedicated Manufacturer of Power Supplies for Many Years:

Our flexible and integrated production process and complete production equipment provides ample capacity for manufacturing superior quality products. With a yield rate of 99%, our manufacturing facilities enable us to achieve better sales, satisfy customer requirements, and demonstrate our competitive advantage.

Flexible production capacity:

At FSP Group, one of our important business strategies is reducing delivery times. In fact, we have built our reputation on it. Due to the support and volume production requirements of our customers, FSP Group has aggressively expanded its production capacity, becoming a world leader in power supply manufacturing!

Developing a globally managed business:

Taiwan serves as our base of operations. Sales, orders, product R&D, material procurement work is all done here. Our manufacturing plants in Mainland China handle production.

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