TweakTown FSP Windale 6 CPU Cooler Review
"FSP Windale 6 is impressive! Solid, easy to install, performance of coolers twice the price, and little noise involved to get the most from this first go at air cooling device from FSP. Color us shocked, stunned, and impressed."  

KitGuruFSP Windale 6 Cooler Review"It delivers good performance and low noise levels which is always a good thing." 

TechPowerUpFSP Windale 6 Review "The FSP Windale 6 CPU cooler is a solid first offering from the venerable power supply manufacturer. Providing good cooling performance that has it neck to neck with the Thermalright True Spirit 140 Direct and the MSI Core Frozr L, this remains true not just for general performance, but for performance per dollar. The Windale 6 is very quiet in terms of noise output."  

Tom's HardwareFSP Launches Windale CPU Coolers"These coolers are for AMD Ryzen and Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 processors and come in two flavors, the Windale 4 (AC401) and Windale 6 (AC601). Both promise good cooling performance combined with low noise, which seems to be the holy grail of all cooling products but unfortunately very few have thus far managed to efficiently combine those factors with a down-to-earth price tag."

PC PerspectiveFSP Twins 500W Redundant Power Supply Review"When it comes to protecting your systems, your data and your uptime, a redundant PSU adds peace of mind. The FSP Twins is as easy to use as any ATX PSU, but helps ensure your system never goes without power"

 PC PerspectiveFSP Twins 500W Redundant Power Supply Review"It’s been quite a while since we reviewed a redundant power supply in the ATX form factor. This should be interesting! (Actually, it turned out to be very interesting, along with a few surprises we didn’t expect)."

 jonnyGURUReviews - FSP Twins 500W Redundant ATX"First class build quality | Very good voltage regulation | Very good to excellent ripple control | Hotswappable redundancy | Software monitoring works perfectly"

 HardOCPFSP Twins 500W ATX Redundant Power Supply Review"Redundant computer power supplies have been a fixture in the enterprise server market since failover hardware solutions were first conceived to deal with contingency planning and system disaster recovery. FSP has now brought its Twins solution to the enthusiast market, and FSP have done it quite well."

 KitGuruFSP’s new Dagger series brings Gold efficiency to SFX power supplies"These power supplies are 80Plus Gold rated, so they offer 90 percent efficiency under typical system load. The Dagger series is power efficient but it is also space efficient too as the modular cable design will allow you to use custom cables or only plug in the cables you need to keep your compact build tidy. FSP’s bundled cables also use a flat ribbon design to help save space, which will also help with system airflow."

 TechPowerUpFSP's Dagger Line of SFX PSUs Now Available - 500 W, 600 W, 80+ Gold"These are fully modular, highly efficient (80+ Gold), small form-factor PSUs, which look to deliver outstanding power quality to your small form factor experiments."

 Tom's HardwareFSP’s New SFX Dagger PSUs Are Now Available"These power supplies are 80Plus Gold rated, so they offer 90 percent efficiency under typical system load. The Dagger series is power efficient but it is also space efficient too as the modular cable design will allow you to use custom cables or only plug in the cables you need to keep your compact build tidy. FSP’s bundled cables also use a flat ribbon design to help save space, which will also help with system airflow."

 KitGuruFSP HYDRO PTM 750W PSU Review"The HYDRO PTM 750W delivers stable power, great load regulation and achieves a very high level of efficiency."

 Tom's HardwareFSP Hydro PTM 750W PSU Review"A very good PSU featuring high performance and silent operation."

HardOCPFSP Hydro PTM 750W Power Supply Review"Very very good voltage regulation, excellent Transient Load Test results, excellent efficiency, excellent DC Output Quality, very good to excellent build quality, and was generally quiet in our testing."

 PC PerspectiveFSP Hydro PTM 650W Platinum Power Supply Review"Hydro PTM power supply from FSP proved to be a very good unit and a worthy member of their power supply lineup. The power supply delivered excellent efficiency and very good performance across the board."

 TweakTownFSP CMT510 RGB Mid-Tower Chassis Review"The FSP CMT510 RGB chassis is sleek, has enough features to keep most happy."

 Tom's HardwareFSP CMT510 Tempered-Glass Case Review"The budget-priced CMT510 is a feature-rich mid-tower ATX chassis with something for just about everyone. The RGB-lit fans and tempered-glass side panels will appeal to gamers, and the chassis’ overall performance will keep performance enthusiasts happy."

 TechPowerUpFSP CMT510 Review"The FSP CMT510 offers excellent value for the money when it comes to the materials and extras included, it is made out of steel and glass with no plastic to be found anywhere. The all-metal interior is clean, simple."

 TweakTownFSP CMT210 Mid-Tower Chassis Review"For FSP to take the plunge into the chassis game, they have done well. The chassis is aggressively styled on the front bezel, yet is not something childish."

 ModSynergyFSP CMT210 Mid-Tower ATX PC Case Review"I have no reservations recommending the FSP CMT210 mid-tower PC case. It’s a PC case I can envision myself using, and therefore the FSP CMT210 earns our highest award; Editor’s Choice!"

 KitGuruKitGuru: FSP Hydro X 650W Power Supply Review"The FSP Hydro X 650 Power Supply delivers quality power while emitting very little noise, even under load. Recommended, as long as you don’t mind dealing with the non modular design."

 HardOCPHardOCP: FSP Hydro G 650W Power Supply Review"Looking at the Hydro G 650W, we again see a unit that had excellent voltage regulation, very good efficiency, excellent DC Output Quality, and very good/excellent build quality."

 3DGAMEMAN3DGAMEMAN: FSP Hydro G 850W Modular Power Supply Video Review"The FSP Hydro G 850W Power Supply has a lot going for it. For the reasonable price of $140US you're getting a unit that's Gold certified, has Japanese capacitors, comes with a 5 year warranty, is completely modular, looks sharp and is virtually silent."

 AnandTechAnandTech: The FSP Hydro G 750W Power Supply Review"FSP ranks their Hydro G as their premium series, albeit beneath the 80Plus Platinum certified Aurum PT units. The Hydro G series consists of three 80Plus Gold units, ranging from 650W to 850W. All three units are based on the same platform design and FSP has supplied us with the middle option, the 750W model, which should give us a good look at the quality and performance of the series."

 Tom's HardwareTom's Hardware: FSP Hydro G 650 Power Supply Review"FSP recently released a new PSU platform that mostly addresses gamers. The Hydro G line includes three units, and today we're testing the 650W version. The PSU is 80 Plus Gold certified and features fully modular cabling. Let's see how it performs."

 3DGAMEMAN3DGAMEMAN: FSP Hydro G 750W Modular Power Supply Video Review"The FSP Hydro G 750W Power Supply is affordable, offers excellent power, has Japanese capacitors, is 100% modular, includes a quiet FSB 135mm fan, comes with a 5 year warranty and looks awesome. The MSRP on this unit is only $120 (Dec. 2015). At this price point it's definitely going to be a hit!"

 HardOCPHardOCP: FSP Hydro G 750W Power Supply Review"FSP has been a bit more pronounced on our PSU radar lately. Today we have its Hydro G 750 watt unit. From what we can tell by taking it apart, there is no water inside. It does however boast full wattage at 50c ambient temperatures, "server grade circuit," and an "advanced thermal layout design." Let's see how it fares our gauntlet." FSP Hydro G 750W"Good day to you, fellow power supply geeks. Shall we have a look at an FSP model today? It's been a while... roughly a year by my count. Yes, I know those EVGA GQ series units came out of the FSP factory, this is true, but I'm talking about FSP's own branded units."

 VR-Zone: FSP AURUM PT-1000FM PSU Review"Better known for its high-volume OEM manufacturing business, FSP has achieved appreciable success with its AURUM series of PC power supplies. Built around FSP’s proprietary controller, the AURUM series has a reputation amongst PC enthusiasts for being no-frills and fairly-priced; without compromise of efficiency, or reliability."

 HardOCP: FSP AURUM PT 1000W Power Supply Review"the unit did post good voltage regulation, better transient load test results, and finally some of the best DC output quality we have seen among comparable units while being relatively quiet. This FSP unit averages out to being in the middle of good competition but one of the best products when it comes to the ripple/noise values we have seen. "

Nikktech: FSP Aurum 92+ 650W Power Supply Unit Review"PT line still it's definitely one of the best 650W models in the market currently and that's why it gets our Golden Award."

Overclockersclub: Twinkle 65 Universal Notebook Adapter"FSP Twinkle 65 Universal Notebook Adapter from FSP Group is a great charger that delivers flexibility, compatibility, and efficiency without any compromise in terms of its compact size or portability. This one is a keeper and the bulky power-brick is on the bench from now on.."

Techpowerup: Aurum PT Series 1200"The Aurum PT-1200FM's strongest feature is its high efficiency under all conditions. It is currently the most efficient 1.2 kW unit I have ever tested, and the quietest......" Aurum PT Series 1200"FSP's units have always shown us quality and the Aurum CM Gold 650W is no exception to this.Even though it is a bit odd to see a quad rail unit in the 600W-700W segment, FSP makes it work....."

ANANDTECH: Aurum PT Series 1200"In conclusion, the Aurum PT 1200W is a well made, reasonably priced product that offers good overall performance. "

Hard OCP: AURUM PRO GOLD 1200 Editor's Choice Silver Award"The FSP AURUM PRO GOLD 1200 is the first FSP branded power supply we have seen in some time and it largely turned out to be a success. While the unit doesn’t hit every ball out of the park, it does put up a solid run total when it counts....."

APH Networks: FSP AURUM S 600W"The FSP AURUM S 600W is a great budget 80 Plus Gold certified power supply in the company's AURUM line of PSUs. Although it uses only 85 degree Celsius rated Teapo capacitors, the FSP AURUM S 600W is a good contender in the high efficiency budget category...."

OverClockers Club: Twinkle 65 Notebook Adapter"Overall, the FSP Twinkle 65 Universal Notebook Adapter from FSP Group is a great charger that delivers flexibility, compatibility, and efficiency without any compromise in terms of its compact size or portability...."

XbitLabs: AURUM CM Gold 650 AURUM CM Gold 750"These PSUs are neat, beautiful, and overall immaculate from an aesthetic point of view. They are based on a new platform that features good technical parameters at large and excellent efficiency in particular..."

APH Networks: AURUM Gold 650"The FSP AURUM CM Gold 650W is a very quiet power supply; more than what I would expect from a power supply with a bottom mounted 120mm fan. Under regular load, the AURUM CM Gold is very quiet..."

AURUM CM Gold 750"With a decent voltage regulation and its unusual looking case the FSP Aurum CM models could be very interesting for customers who want to get a high efficiency on the cheap..."

RwLabs:AURUM CM Gold 750"On top of that add the great looking design, small form factor and low profile modular cables and you've got yourself pretty much one of the best 750W power supplies in the market..."

Hardware Secrets:AURUM CM Gold 750The Aurum CM Gold 750 W has very high efficiency...

OverClock Intelligence Agency:AURUM Gold 500The AURUM Gold 500 is in the upper echelon of 500w power supplies, price-wise...

Newegg TV:AURUM Gold Series>FSP Group AURUM GOLD Series Power Supply Unboxing

DreamWare Computers: AURUM Gold 500"The 500 watt Aurum power supply is a great way to add the high efficiency of an 80PLUS Gold power supply into an average level computer system..."

FSP Group Won the 1st 80PLUS Platinum Certificate of the WorldFSP Group’s first 80PLUS Platinum model : FSP450-60PTM. Please click to see details. 65"if looking for a replacement adapter that is well built and gets the job done the NB65 is just what you are looking for..."

Tweak News: FSP ZEN 400"FSP Group's Zen 400 is one of the very few silent power supplies on the market today, and has proven to be an excellent PSU during testing..." FSP NB S90"If you are in the market for a spare adapter, or even just a replacement, the FSP NB S90 will do the job well..." FSP NB S90"The inclusion of a switchable voltage and the 8-piece plug rack ensures that it covers a wide range of makes and models..."

Dragon Steel Mods: FSP NB S90"It's nicely made, has a long cord, it works with many types of products and of course it works exactly as it should..."

Green Home Environmental Store: All new power supply by FSP Group"By fully upgrading the awareness of green products inside the company, the FSP Group is the first who launched the Green Power series in the market."

THE BEST MINI-ITX SOLUTION FROM FSP"With its complete product line, capability to provide the best Mini-ITX solution, and able to meet the application demands for high efficiency, low power waste, and  0dBA, products from FSP could be broadly defined and applied in various industries and fields...

iPhoneNewsBlog:iON C1500 Battery Charger"Small, discreet and unassuming, this credit card sized power bank will quickly and quietly power any 5V or less device..."

iPhoneSpies: iON C1500 Battery Charger"The iON Mobile Power Bank is perfect for those on the go who need to give their iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry or any other mobile device a quick charge..."

Appletell:iON C1500 Battery Charger"The iON is a nice, compact, credit card sized device..."

Gear Diary: iON C1500 Battery Charger"The iON Power Bank is small, charges multiple devices, in-expensive..."

Apple iPhone Review:iON C1500 Battery Charger"It’s portable. You can extend your iPhone battery life anywhere you go. It’s small. It’s about the size of a credit card and weighs only 50g…"

Just Another iPhone Blog: iON C1500 Battery Charger"it charges iPhones and most anything else that charges through USB, the iON Universal Mobile Power Bank is a good deal..."

Icrontic: iON C1500 Battery Charger"The fact that it is small, sleek, attractive, and unobtrusive makes it all the more appealing..."

HWReviewLabs: iON C1500 Battery Charger"It is amazing that something so small and lightweight can be so useful and provide so many additional hours of operation for our mobile devices..."

I4U News: iON C1500 Battery Charger"The iON Universal Mobile Power Bank is easy to use, works with iPhone and light-weight...." iON C1500 Battery Charger"This tiny battery from the FSP has a full power that charges two full-scale devices, namely, a cellular phone and portable player..."

Hardware Secrets: FSP300-60GHS(80)"It is certainly a good option for people building small computers based on the CFX standard..."

Overclockers Club: FSP Everest Pro 1200"FSP offers a range of power supplies, and had a number of models on display. Those that were of the most interest to us were the Everest series PSUs, and specifically the new Everest Pro 1200W..."

TechConnect Magazine: FSP Everest Pro Series"Coming in 1100, 1200 and 1250W versions, the modular Everest Pro PSUs are ATX 12V V2.2 and EPS 12V V2.92 compliant, are SLI and Crossfire-ready..."

Tom's Hardware: FSP Everest Pro 1200"Capable of delivering up to 1080 watts from a total of six 12 Volt, 20 Amp rails, the Everest pro represents a new level of output from a company already known for exceeding its labeled amperage values..." FSP Everest Pro 1200"Using a modular layout, as with most high-end PSUs now, will keep your case clutter free…"

TechWare Labs:FSP Booster X5"This power supply works exceptionally well offloading work from the main power supply for the graphics cards..."

CPU Magazine: FSP Booster X5"If your current PSU no longer supports the powerful system you’ve pieced together, you can take advantage of a supplemental PSU such as the Booster X5 450W..."

Tweak News: FSP Booster X5"This is a great value for the enthusiast needing more graphics power but unable or unwilling to spring for a new power supply..."

FSP Zen 400"Everything you need from a silent PSU for a nice mainstream computer...."

Dragon Steel Mods:FSP Booster X5"TheBooster X5 is something that can take the load off of your system PSU, or add more power to your system if your main PSU can't handle the load of these new power hungry GPUs on the market today..."

Overclockers Club:ZEN 400"Purchasing a completely silent, passively-cooled PSU, FSP Group has done just that with their ZEN is recommended to any one building a basic HTPC... 400"The FSP Zen 400W is certainly a great product for those who are trying to eliminate all sources of noise in their system..."<

Pure Overclock: FSP ZEN 400"The FSP Zen 400 is a power supply that delivers rock solid performance when heavily loaded with power-hungry components..."

TECHADDICTS:FSP ZEN 400"This power supply would be ideal for anyone looking to build a quiet system..." ZEN 400"The Zen 400W's efficiency is excellent and it delivered its full 400W with good stability..."

MadShrimps: FSP Zen 400"Its 400W rating is enough to power most recent systems, even higher end is possible, we tested and stressed the ZEN400 with an overclocked C2D / 8800 GTS SLI setup and couldn’t get it to fail..." ZEN 400"FSP is known for delivering highly stable power supplies, and Zen 400 W strengthens this reputation..."

Digital-Daily: FSP ZEN 400"FSP ZEN 400 is the quite adequate power cable kit, 400W rated power which is sufficient to build a modern efficiently noiseless PC..."

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