The FSP Hydro PTM X PRO takes advantage of the better efficiency and reliability of ATX 3.0 and PCIe Gen 5 Ready Power Supplies, making it the future of PC building, as it provides increased efficiency and performance for your other components. But is it worth the upgrade?

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Toru Sekiguchi - JAPAN

Sleeving - Japan Shop Owner

Official MDPC-X Cable-Sleeving authorized distributor Enthusiast case mod event in AKIHABARA, TOKYO Bitspower annual mod master.

I set a clear theme when I'm starting a new project, and the color definition adds to the combination of all components such as the motherboard, graphics card and cable sleeving which are the key factors. Besides, I usually attempt to try innovative ideas for creating a new method to make a Mod PC. I love the interior design style in 1970 to 1980s, a lot of my projects are inspired by it.  

Xing Kai - CHINA

FUXK Studio Founder & CEO

FUXK and its team have great imaginative, putting each of the traditional PC products in a hand-crafted. With the complicated craft of a craftsman's heart to creates a customized art of luxury. In addition to each PC to achieve excellent gaming performance experience as a basis, highlight the personality of the customization and art elements into them, to create PC artwork.

FSP Hydro PTM+ liquid-cooled power supply is very impressive, so I was inspired to create ideas, I chose FUXK unique black & gold. Low-definition texture full of matte black with a glittering version of the years like gilt, and this power has never been on the liquid-cooled power in the world. Appearance has not been too much modification, in the internal we ordered 18K gold-plated water-cooled system, including FUXK limited edition motherboard. I wish this PSU can be like this MOD PC. Become the liquid-cooled power supply symbol, not only has low-key out looking, but also has industry's most quality.


Laurent Petipas - FRANCE

Performance and Efficiency

The purpose of this mod was to highlight the FSP Hydro PTM+! For this, we have retained the Cougar Conquer case because it allows maximum exposure of the power supply and its ability to be cooled by water. We also wanted to keep the racy and dynamic spirit of the case and we took as inspiration the world of racing bikes. The front of the Conquer takes the appearance of a motorcycle with its fairing on which we put the FSP log. The water cooling pipes with black liquid inside recall the oil circulating in the "engine" of the mod. Regarding the tubbing, it was made in order to follow the contours of the frame/components to increase the "performance and efficiency" aspects. The high-end look has not been forgotten thanks to the addition of a gold paint touch to give a small luxury allure to the Mod.


Project Carbon Gold

I believe that I achieved with the main chamber having a more subtle carbon fiber effect on the PSU shroud and radiator and used a stronger popping effect for the rear cable and drain port panel and yes there is RGB PSU, Mono Block, GPU block, Fans. All of which I have control over. Would I change some stuff on the build, 100% but all of us modders do that, I wish there would have been more time to hand engrave something, but as you know from my other builds the hand engravings take months and months to complete.

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