Frequently Asked Questions - FSP Group Customer Service

Q-Does the power supply unit includes an AC Power Cord?

A-Yes. All retail packaged models, OEM / Bulk pack models include AC power cord unless otherwise noted on the item description or those items that does not required an AC Power Cord to operate, such as USB Power products.

Q-Since I am qualified as a Reseller, would Sales Tax be charged to my order?

A-Please contact our representatives for further information.

Q-What is the Return Policy

A-Under the normal circumstances, all online transactions (only) are final and therefore cannot be returned.  However, in any case of abnormality, such as proven manufacturer's defect, a full refund or equal amount of account credit will be issued upon the completion of an RMA form with an authorized RMA number issued and the receipt of products to the appropriate warehouse location, LESS SHIPPING CHARGE.  All shipping charges are non-refundable regardless of any reason.  Customers are fully responsible for all shipping charges for returning goods.

Q-If I have a qualified refund or account credit, how does FSP Group U.S.A.  calculates my refund | account credit?

A-In the case of a qualified full refund or account credit, the refund or account credit amount would be the cost of goods only.  All shipping charges are not refundable.  Customers are fully responsible for all shipping charges for returning goods.  Generally, for example, a full refund would be the total invoice cost less shipping cost, say goods = $10, shipping = $5, total invoice would be $15, customer will receive a full refund of $10.  Shipping carrier (not FSP Group U.S.A.) collects the shipping charges regardless.

Q-Does FSPGroupUSA.com accepts order cancellation request?

A-No. For security and procedural purposes, FSPGroupUSA.com automated processing system and warehouse security management does NOT allow order processing modifications.  Therefore, it is our utmost sincere advice to please review your order careful prior to submission.

Q-Payment Method?

A-FSPGroupUSA.com accepts all major credit cards, Paypal. 

Q-When would my credit card be charged?

A-FSPGroupUSA.com will charged the total check-out amount to your credit card instantly.  All stock items will be shipped within 48 regular working hours or 2 regular business days.

Q-What is the approximate shipping time after I've submitted my order?

A-As part of the total commitment to customer service, all stock items will be shipped within 48 regular working hours or 2 regular business days.

Q-What is the standard shipping method used?

A-FSPGroupUSA.com uses UPS and Fedex system as shipping method.

Q-How can I track my order status?

A-Generally, an shipment confirmation email will be sent to your attention within 24 hours of after the shipment has been picked picked by the shipping carrier.  You may also log-in your account 24/7 to view updated shipment status.  Otherwise, please email your order name and number to info@fspgroupusa.com , a highly qualified FSPGroupUSA.com Customer Service Representative will be contacting you within 24 hours.

Q-Installation instructions and assistance?

A-Yes, most retail packaged models come with an thorough installation manuals or instructions. However, all OEM / Bulk pack models DO NOT include any installation manuals nor instructions.  if necessary, a FSPGroupUSA.com Tech Support Representation will be more than happy to guide you through the installation process via telephone or email.

Q-Does the power supply unit includes an AC Power Cord?

A-Yes, all items that requires an AC Power Cord will be including an AC Power Cord, unless otherwise noted on the item or those items that does not required an AC Power Cord to operate, such as USB Power products.

Q-How do I return my product?

A- Please follow these basic steps, 1.Please review FSPGroupUSA.com RETURN POLICY carefully. Then go to Support> RMA Service Form. 2.Download RMA Form. Follow the instruction on the form and fill out all information. Then Upload the form and submit it to us.  3.recent order containing the DEFECTIVE product(s) that you want to return. 4.FSPGroupUSA.com Customer Service Representative will promptly reply your message within 48 hours to guide you through the rest of the way, as well as issuing a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number (REQUIRED).

Q-What are the basic returns criteria?

A-Please follow these return instructions carefully,  FSPGroupUSA.com accepts only proven DEFECTIVE products as qualified for return.  Please contact info@fspgroupusa.com to determine if items included in your order can be qualified as manufacturer defective.
1.Please include ALL original manufacturer's product packaging and materials, with original UPC barcode intact, no exceptions.
2.Please include ALL original manufacturer's product accessories (cables, software disks, carrying case, output tips...etc.) and documentations (manuals, warranty | registration cards...etc.)
3.A valid FSPGroupUSA.com Customer Service issued RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number.
4.All returns must be packaged with an outer protective shipping carton, and issued RMA number must be clearly written on the top of the shipping carton.  All of these criteria are absolutely required, with no exceptions.  Any invalid or unauthorized returns will be refused and returned to you at your cost.  For further information, please contact info@fspgroupusa.com

Q-My credit card was declined during checkout, what should I do? 

A- If you are unable to place an order using your credit card, please make sure:

(1) Your Billing Address matches EXACTLY the address that is on your credit card statement.
(2) Make sure your CVV security code is correct. This is the 3 digit code on the signature panel (back side) of your Visa/MC/Discover card.

If the problem persists, please empty your shopping cart and log out from your account. Then log back into your account and repeat step 1 & 2 above.

Please feel free to call us at (909) 345-5260 if you need further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions - FSP Group Technical Support Service

Q-My system would not turn on? How can I know if the Power Supply is bad?

A-Please follow these basic diagnostic steps,
1. Turn off power supply's switch (if any), unplug/disconnect AC Power Cord from the wall.
2.Plug/connect a different electronic object or device to the same wall outlet to ensure power are available, such as a lamp, vacuum machine, CD Player...etc.
3Once power availability is determined, plug/connect the power supply AC power cord and turn on the power switch (if any).
4.Turn on your system normally, if you heard the fan system running continuously, chances are your power supply is good. Otherwise, your first priority is to contact the system manufacturer immediately if the system is purchased pre-assembled. If you've custom built the system by individual components, please contact the power supply manufacturer. For FSP Group, please contact info@fspgroupusa.com

Q-When replacing my bad power supply, do I necessary must find the exact same make, model, output and perhaps even the same serial number?

A-In most cases, not necessary, except for customized OEM systems such as the Dell systems. In most cases, a Desktop PC system uses an Intel standardized ATX form factor power conversion requirement, and are widely available on the market

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