FSP Group Introduces Modular Flex ATX Power Supply with Innovative Mechanical Design  

【Taipei, Jan.29, 2019】 With the current growth of the industrial control equipment, industrial computers, surveillance system, POS system, gaming machines, edge computing, and IoT device field markets, the needs for Flex ATX specification power supplies are also increasing. FSP has great advantages in the Flex ATX power supply product markets; not only does it have the most complete Flex ATX products (with over 30 models in this form factor), most of these products also comply with the 80PLUS requirement, offering a variety of efficiency ratings ranging from bronze to platinum.

FSP's Flex ATX models are available in standard direct output and modular cable configurations and include the most modular models' selections in the industry. The modular design can improve the ease of use of power supply.  Customers can configure their power cables according to the system needs, and if the power supply is damaged in the future, they only need to replace the power supply.  The special plug-in design for cables and jacks improves the convenience of replacement.  The design of full modular connectors also allows users to quickly disassemble cables, locate issues and save debugging time whenever the system experiences problems.

For buyers who purchase large quantities of Flex ATX, buying modular power supplies can eliminate the need for keeping an inventory of power supplies in various types of wiring specifications.  In addition, FSP provides personalized value-added services which allow the customized design and manufacturing of cables according to customers' needs.  FSP has a great team of research, development, and firmware personnel supporting the power supply products so customers are no longer limited to standard specifications and can enjoy fully customized product planning and service.  What FSP can provide to its customers is more than you can imagine.

Besides, many Flex ATX modular power supplies on the market have similar problems in which the mounting holes of the power supply housing do not completely align with the customers' chassis.  The most common case is that the front hole can be locked but the rear hole cannot be locked.  This may result in the system failing to pass the vibration test, or that the customer may need to ask the power supply manufacturer to offer brackets with special specifications dedicated for their chassis.  FSP recognizes our customers' needs and offers specialized mounting hole designs and auxiliary brackets to ensure that the mounting holes are compatible with 99% of the hole positions of chassis on the market so that customers can easily secure their power supply units in the chassis to resolve assembly issues.
Currently, FSP's Flex ATX modular products are available in 150/180/220/250/300/350 wattages, and we are developing more products available in higher wattages to meet our customers' needs in various fields.

 FSP Flex ATX Modular Power Supply Features:

Fully modular design
Cable customization
Special mounting hole and auxiliary bracket design
Complies with the latest Intel Flex ATX V1.22 specifications
Complies with UL/EN/IEC 62368-1 and 60950 International safety standards
Power density is improved over the general Flex ATX by 20%
Special airflow direction to extend the service life of the fan (it draws external air into the power supply and then takes hot air out)
Uses high-quality capacitors made in Japan
Low noise design:

  • Unique fan noise shielding design
  • Smart fan control system
  • Durable and quiet 40 mm ball bearing fan

220W and 250W meet 80 PLUS bronze-certified efficiency standards; 300W and 350W meet 80 PLUS Gold-certified efficiency standards.
Single 12V cable output design
Multiple protection mechanisms: OVP, UVP, OCP, SCP, OPP

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