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Date: May 11th, 2021

FSP Medical Power Supply - A Smarter Medical Experience for You

May 11th, 2021, Taipei, Taiwan –The Spring 2021 China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) will be held on May 13-16, 2021. The CMEF theme this year will be continuing as “New Tech, Smart Future.” FSP Group will launch a series of power supplies catered to the medical industry, such as medical images, smart health, and remote medical care.

FSP Group’s subsidiary Protek Power is dedicated to designing and producing medical power supplies that come in many types of assorted wattages. In 2020 Protek Power launched the new PM500F series power supplies, which are available in three construction forms, form A (PCB type), form B (U-bracket), and form C (Enclosed with built-in fan). The PM500F series can be flexible in medical applications. The output power of the PM500F starts from 350 to 400W at convection cooling, and from 450 to 500W under 30 CFM forced air conditions depending on the specific model. The PM500 series models are intended for medium and large medical devices, such as operating tables, medical beds, and X-ray machines.

The PM500F (Class-II) and PM500 (Class-I, launched in 2019) follow all medical safety regulations and fulfill in BF (Body Floating) isolation level. These models provide multiple output voltage ranging from 12 to 48V. FSP Group provides up to 10 years of product life cycle and offers repairs and customer support.

FSP Group offers medical users reliable medical power supplies that come in multiple specifications, variable forms, and customized services. Please come visit the FSP booth ( Booth 8.1 M01) during the exhibition to experience for yourself the possibility that FSP products can offer. FSP has the perfect medical power supply that is suitable for your medical devices or systems.

PM500F & PM500 Series Product Features:

  • PM500F is for Class-II applications; PM500 is for Class-I applications
    Both PM500F & PM500 are fulfill in BF isolation level
    Working height reaching up to 5000 meters
    Input voltage of PM500F is 80-264 Vac
    Current leakage of less than 100 μA
    Passed EN55011 B level anti-radiation interferences
    In line with RoHS regulations
    Energy consumption of less than 1W (standby power 5V/100mA) under standby mode

For more product information, please visit:

FSP Group’s official website at: www.fsp-group.com

FSP Group Brand Product website at: www.FSPLifestyle.com

FSP Blog: blog.fsp-group.com

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