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Released by: Marketing Planning Dept.
Date: September 17th, 2020

September 17th, 2020. Taipei, Taiwan

In the advent of the era of intelligentization, digitalization, and networking, the FSP Group provides various stable and reliable power solutions to realize the vision of smart life and its future development. From smart manufacturing to smart city applications, professional R&D and firmware engineers provide customized collaborative development services. As the industry continues to upgrade and innovate, more professional and stable power is needed in this new era to build a better future.

In the field of smart manufacturing, the FSP Group provides professional power for robotic arms, delivery robots, electric stackers, central control systems, edge computing equipment, computer rooms, and data storage terminals. It may be equipped with a customized firmware program for monitoring power operation status and ensuring the smooth operation of the production system, which will significantly improve the management efficiency. The featured products include the ATX industrial computer power with a 24Vdc output, the high-wattage ATX PS2 redundant power (FSP900-50REB), the 2000W/2400W CRPS 2.0 standard redundant power (FSP2400-20FM), the thin 330W fanless external power supply (FSP330-AJAN3), the N+R supported high-efficiency double-conversion online UPS (Mplus 30-300kVA), and the IP67 grade on-board battery charger (FSP700-1UAC01).

The blueprint of a smart city is shaped by smart homes, smart transportation, smart security, smart buildings, and smart medical care. The FSP Group’s green power products deeply rooted in people’s smart living are a contribution to sustainable operations. Programmable and IoT lighting control system-supported smart power, modularized and portable energy storage systems, electric vehicle chargers with three times the charging speed, IP67, and 6kV-grade insulation street light power supply are provided. In the field of medical care, Class-II power products that come with spare batteries are also available to provide the highest protection for medical care.

In the field of gaming, industrial-grade conformal coating to high-end gaming power supply of the Hydro G PRO and the Hydro PTM PRO series are in line with moisture-proof, dust-proof, and anti-smudge feature requirements, thus providing greater stability and service life. Creators’ computers that appeal for miniaturization has given rise to an increase in the demand for high-end graphics cards. The SFX DAGGER PRO Power 850 and 750W featuring higher power density are available for players to choose from. Your pursuit for the ultimate miniaturization will be met. Additionally, the world’s only ATX PS2 redundant power Twins PRO 900W which is intended for server clones has also been introduced to the retail market.

The FSP Group has made all walks of life invisible champions in the past. Looking ahead, we will continue to work closely with clients to deploy the vision of an era for smart life that comes closer to daily life. We will contribute to the environment, benefit mutually, and create a better world in concerted efforts.

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Connecting Smart Life

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